Drawing Circles Around Cincinnati
(edition of 7)
1. This work costs the exact amount of money necessary to fill my car's tank with gas on the day it is purchased.
2. I will drive my car, with a nearly empty gas tank, to a prearranged location, where the buyer(s) will be waiting for me with a quantity of U.S. currency sufficient to purchase enough gas to fill my car's tank (approximately 11.89 gallons).
3. The buyer(s) will select a suitable location to purchase gas. This location should be within a reasonable proximity to an I-275 entrance ramp.
4. With the buyer(s) in the car, we will go to the selected location.
5. I will fill my car with gas and the buyer(s) will pay for it. It is very important that the money never enters my hands.
6. After filling the tank and before leaving the gas station, I will flip a coin. If the outcome is heads we will drive clockwise. If it is tails we will drive counterclockwise.
7. We will drive onto I-275 in the direction determined by the coin flip.
8. We will continue driving on I-275, making circles around Cincinnati, until my car is nearly out of gas.

9. I will return the buyer(s) to the prearranged location.
10. Buyer(s) may choose to document, or have documented, the edition of this work for their own collection(s) and may elect to retain exclusive rights to that documentation, to release all rights to me, to declare the work in the public domain, or some established variation (see Creative Commons licensing).
11. If you are interested in purchasing this work, please contact me at steve@stevekemple.com. ALL SEVEN EDITIONS OF THIS DRAWING ARE STILL AVAILABLE!
There may be up to 3 buyers per edition.
Any valid form of U.S. currency is permitted, so long as it is acceptable to the filling station.